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28th May 2019

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What would happen if everybody in the world lived as densely as in Mumbai? India's whole population can fit in the state of Haryana, the whole world can fit in Romania.

What would happen if everybody in the world lived as densely as in Mumbai
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The Olympic flag's colors are always red, black, blue, green, and yellow rings on a field of white. This is because at least one of those colors appears on the flag of every nation on the planet.

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Google's Deepmind self learning AI "AlphaZero" spent 4 hours learning chess, and proceeded to beat the top chess engine in the world. That means that in 4 hours, AlphaZero developed a better understanding of the game than we could over the 1000+ years it has been studied.

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Chandrayaan, found water resource

source: Visual Capitalist

Water on the moon was discovered by India In September 2009, India's ISRO Chandrayaan - 1 using its Moon Mineralogy Mapper detected water on the moon for the first time.
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NASA is inviting people to "send their name to Mars". You can even get a boarding pass, save it and earn frequent flier miles. But you need to HURRY UP!
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“The skills you really want can’t be taught, but they can be learned.” ~ Naval Ravikant (serial entrepreneur, founder)

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