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23rd June 2020

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Unlock cars without physical keys using iPhone

Apple conducted its first online WWDC event to introduce several software products including the all-new iOS 14. The company revealed a new feature in iOS 14 that might change how most of us use car keys. The company will integrate a new NFC system that can unlock a compatible car by just tapping it on the handle. The user will then have to just place the iPhone on the charging pad and push the engine start and stop button. Another interesting feature is that the owner of the car can even share the key remotely with another iPhone user. The owner will also be able to give restricted access to the other user. Currently, there are no cars in the market that support this feature but the company claimed that the new 2020 BMW 5-series will be compatible with it and it will be launching in US next month.

Unlock cars without physical keys using iPhone

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Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of getting peanut butter stuck to the top of your mouth.

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The name of all the continents end with the same letter that they start with.

Founder story


Satya Nadella Father's Advice That He Uses Even Today
Satya Nadella Father's Advice That He Uses Even Today.

On Father’s day, Microsoft Chief Satya Nadella shared a blog post telling us a little about his father -- B.N. Yugandhar, from whom he learnt so much in his life.

An IAS officer with a vision: He started off his career as an IAS officer, however, as Nadella describes it, to his father it wasn’t a career choice but a calling to help build our nation.

From a student to a faculty member to a director at NAA: Yugandhar, eventually shifted to the National Academy of Administration, first as a junior faculty, then later as the director. He turned the trainees under him into ‘committed missionaries working and fighting for India’s underprivileged regions’.

Always keeping an open mind: Nadella shared that the most ‘enduring’ life lesson of his father’s life was the need to keep curiosity intact as well as open mind. His father believed that there if history has taught us something it’s that doctrinaire thinking (thinking that forces an idea without consideration for others) & dogma were responsible for tearing societies apart.

Adopting ideologies from Karl Marx and Hayek:His overall pursuits was to create systems that could deliver Indians their universal rights -- like food, housing, health, education, etc. -- regardless of the fact the challenges India faced. To make this happen he borrowed ideologies from Karl Marx as well as Friedrich August von Hayek.

B.N. Yugandhar passed away last year after struggling with an illness in the last few years Nadella concluded stating, “He would say to me that life is a terminal condition, and no one makes it out alive. But one’s life can speak to us by passing on what is most important about being human and how to live. I work and live in a very different context and time. And yet I am guided by the lessons he taught me by living his life to fulfill his passions and principles.” Fiji, East Timor.
Founder story


A Startup Turned The Pandemic Into A New Opportunity
A Startup Turned The Pandemic Into A New Opportunity

A few months ago, The Hyderabad-based startup: Arvi Healthcare was busy making simple medical alert systems to ensure timely interventions for senior citizens. Little The pandemic provided a new opportunity. They developed a contactless thermal-scanning kiosk under the Make In India initiative. The kiosks use artificial intelligence in facial and thermal scanning to detect persons with high temperatures and those who are not wearing masks. The idea is to have an unmanned booth that can scan, provide hand sanitisation and manage entrances to public areas. The startup has also seen demand from housing societies who want to screen frequent visitors like maids, drivers and cooks, said Sushant Reddy, co-founder and chief executive of Arvi.
On a parting note...

“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” ~ Michael John Bobak

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