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21st May 2019

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Fintech industry 🏦 got the 3rd most funding in India during early 2019. Fintech refers to startups that are using technology to improve access to financial services (such as bank accounts, bill payments, loans etc) in India, especially rural India. The space is still a huge opportunity for new startups.

Fintech industry got the 3rd most funding in India during early 2019
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The highest earning famous person of 2018, @ $400 million 💰, was not Kylie Jenner, Floyd Mayweather or Ronaldo. It was someone who left us 10 years ago -- Michael Jackson! He was also the highest earner of 2016 at $825M.

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The last time all living humans were together on Earth was November 2nd 2000. Since then there has always been someone onboard the ISS (International Space Station).

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World's Largest Economies by 2030, India is 2nd beating USA

source: Visual Capitalist

The world's top 3 economies by 2030 will be China, India & USA, according to predictions. Indian economy will not only be #2, but will be 1.5 times the size of the American economy. If this turns true, we in India are going to have a very exciting next 10 years, full of opportunities, growth & wealth creation.
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Female Pilots in India

% female pilots in largest airlines

The global % of female commercial pilots is only 5% but the country where it is the most is India! 🇮🇳 The country is the fastest growing aviation market and has 13% female pilots. SpiceJet aims to take it to 33%. There is also no gender pay gap in India for pilots. Great story of #GirlPower, equality & progress!
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