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18th Aug 2020

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Israel's window washing Tiktok star

Twirling to hip hop over chasms of steel and glass, soapy squeegee in one hand and a smartphone in the other, Noa Toledo is an Israeli social media star who aims to encourage other women to take on her traditionally male-dominated job. The 22-year-old window washer's high-rise dance routines have earned close to 60,000 followers and more than a million "likes" on the TikTok platform.

“When people see me behind the window, they’re surprised. They see a woman, it’s unusual. I don’t know a lot of women doing this job, but I hope when they see me they understand that women can do it too.” Toledo, a former champion pole-vaulter, told Reuters.

This Lady served one million meals to the poor during COVID-19 #Inspiring #AtmaNirbhar

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Bananas are curved because they grow towards the sun.

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The inventor of the Frisbee was cremated and made into a Frisbee after he died.

Founder story


The startup behind microsoft's flight simulator
The startup behind microsoft's flight simulator.

Microsoft’s new Flight Simulator is a technological marvel that sets a new standard for the genre. But to recreate a world that feels real and alive and contains billions of buildings all in the right spots, Microsoft and Asobo Studios relied on the work of multiple partners.
One of those is the small Austrian startup from Graz that, with a team of only about 50 people, recreated every city and town around the world with the help of AI and massive computing resources in the cloud. Blackshark is actually a spin-off of game studio Bongfish, the maker of World of Tanks: Frontline, Motocross Madness and the Stoked snowboarding game series.

“By random chance, I met someone from Microsoft who was looking for a studio to help them out on the new Flight Simulator. The core idea of the new Flight Simulator simulator was to use Bing Maps as a playing field, as a map, as a background,” CEO Michael Putz explained. For Flight Simulator, the studio reconstructed 1.5 billion buildings from 2D satellite images. "The time has come that the game technologies are spreading out of the game stack and helping all those other industries. I think Blackshark is one of those examples for making this possible.” Putz said
Founder story


Lady who served one million meals to the poor during COVID-19
Lady who served one million meals to the poor during COVID-19

The affected women and children are deprived of food and essentials, and are living under dire circumstances. Lending them a helping hand is Ruchira Gupta, Emmy winning journalist-turned-activist and Founder of anti-sex trafficking organisation, Apne Aap Women Worldwide.

She has served food and essential items to these underprivileged people over the past few months through her 1MillionMeals campaign.
She has launched Phase Two of the campaign for furthering aid to these marginalised communities. Just like the Phase One of Campaign, supersized ration kits containing dry rations for 100 meals and some sanitary products, will be distributed.

These kits contain dal, rice, spices, soya, cooking oil, sugar, salt, masks and sanitary pads, among other essentials.
This campaign is being supported by some of the most reputed personalities across the world, including actor and activist Ashley Judd, feminist author and journalist Gloria Steinem, Indian actors Richa Chadha, Adil Hussain, and Abhay Deol, and Michelin star Chef Vikas Khanna, among others.
Apne Aap also has official consultative status with the United Nations and advocates for better laws and policies in the UN and different countries.
On a parting note...

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing."~ Walt Disney

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