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16th April 2019

See it to know it

How couples meet: for more than 50 years (1960s to 2015), "through a friend" has been the #1 reason. Now it's online! Although US data, this may start being true in other parts of the world.

How couples meet
Lemon bytes

The value of the name Flipkart is $4.7 Billion! Walmart placed this value on Flipkart & its associated brands.


"Like" 💜 👍🏽 is not just a simple feature in social media but also a powerful force in advertising. It was first created by Vimeo in 2005. There are dedicated Wikis for the Like Button & Facebook's Like Button


Google & Uber may be competing on self-driving cars, but Alphabet (Google's parent company) is also the 6th largest shareholder of Uber. With Uber's upcoming IPO, Alphabet's shareholding may be valued > $5 Billion.


Potato Parcel is a startup that allows customers to send real potatoes with short messages or pictures to other people. They claim "100% laughter or confusion guaranteed". 🥔

Story of the week
Margaret Hamilton and Katie Bouman
Margaret Hamilton (left) who along with her team created the code that got man to the moon, standing next to printout of that code. 50 years later, Katie Bouman with the humongous data that she & her team used to get us the first image of a black hole. She was a grad student at MIT when she started work on the algorithm.
On a parting note...

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." ~Wayne Gretzky (former Ice Hockey player)

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