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15th May 2019

Byte-the bulletin - See it to know it

See it to know it

The music industry slumped after 1999-2000 thanks to digital music (anyone knows Napster by Sean Parker & Shawn Fanning?). After 15+ years, music revenue is on the upside now, thanks once again to... digital music.

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Young Trendz, a company founded by NIFT students Sindhuja K & Praveen KR, made revenue of 20+ crores in 2 years by selling t-shirts online in Flipkart etc Now they have their own 👕 website & are planning offline stores.

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Eugene Goostman is not a person, but the name of an AI chatbot, the first in the world considered to have fooled humans & passed the Turing Test (a test designed by Alan Turing to determine if a computer program can think like humans).

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Story that inspires

 Team India @ Special Olympics

image: InsideSport

Team India won 368 medals at the 2019 Special Olympics, that includes 85 golds, 154 silvers and 129 bronze medals! The 284 member team supported by 70+ coaches, won medals across all sports 🏋 🏅 including first time sports for India like Judo and Futsal. This incredible feat deserves much more celebration 🍾 & coverage by mainstream media.
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Business story

review / rating system
The humble review / rating system: For marketplace businesses such as ecommerce (Amazon), ride sharing (Ola), shared stay (Airbnb) etc to succeed, the most important factor is trust. The simple but powerful invention that made trust possible is the 2-way rating system that we use everyday to rate sellers & get rated as consumers 😎 (you can see your Uber rating). It was first introduced by eBay in 1997.

On a parting note...

“If A equals success, then the formula is A = X + Y + Z. Where X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut.​” ~Albert Einstein

see you soon
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