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12th November 2019

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How To Start A Podcast: A Complete Step-By-Step Tutorial (2019 Guide)

How to start a podcast

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There's a spot in the ocean that is the farthest away from land you can get on the planet. If you are there and the space station happens to pass over you, you will be closer to the space station than you would be to any land

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The Birthday Paradox In a room of 70 randomly chosen people, there is a 99.9% chance that 2 people share the same birthday.

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Coin toss


A coin toss is not as random as it seems Who gets the last slice of pizza? Flip a coin. On second thought ... maybe not. The coin toss is a time-honored solution to indecision, but, weirdly, it's not a truly fair method. Better just split that slice.
Founder story


Amazon’s plan for Alexa is to run your entire life. The creator of the famous voice assistant dreams of a world where Alexa is everywhere, anticipating your every need.
On a parting note...

“I like to read things on the Nobel Prize -- who has invented, generated, created or developed something.The Nobel Prize for these guys is like the Ballon d'Or for me. I like to know why they invented something and how they did it -- it helps me get better" ~ Cristiano Ronaldo

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