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12th May 2020

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American Idol is shooting on iPhones amid stay at home orders

With most of the country at home, social distancing, a number of networks have turned to consumer technologies in order to keep creating content. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a lot of otherwise traditional industries to become creative and flexible. Apple’s among those tech companies working with production houses, getting some iPhone-powered rigs into the hands of producers and hosts. The list includes a Parks and Recreation reunion, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon’s late night shows and now longstanding prime-time talent contest, American Idol. The ABC show’s producers are sending home studio rigs to each of the contestants and judges to shoot the final few episodes of the season. It’s a three-camera setup, including three iPhone 11 Pros, a tripod and a ring light. The production team is helping out with camera setup and editing at a safe distance, from home.

American Idol is shooting on iPhones

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The longest bout of hiccups lasted for 68 years.

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Movie trailers used to screen after the feature film.

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Drone startups

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Drone startups witness spike in business during lockdown

Drones are not easy devices to handle. The delivery of drones as well as approvals can take time. As awareness grows, drone companies have been getting offers The idea for drones in India has been extreme, till a few years ago. They were either the high standard drones used by the defence forces, or the ones which were being used for event photography. But the scene has changed now and while there are regulations, a lot can be done in the space allowed. We have led from the front because when you have the technological capability, you must stand up and do something to help" says Jayaprakash,founder of Garuda Aerospace.
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historians, pandemics

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How Pandemics End

According to historians, pandemics typically have two types of endings: the medical, which occurs when the incidence and death rates plummet, and the social, when the epidemic of fear about the disease wanes.v An end can occur not because a disease has been vanquished but because people grow tired of panic mode and learn to live with a disease. The coronavirus pandemic could end socially before it ends medically.I think there is this sort of social psychological issue of exhaustion and frustration,” the Yale historian Naomi Rogers said. “We may be in a moment when people are just saying: ‘That’s enough. I deserve to be able to return to my regular life.’”
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"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest" ~Benjamin Franklin

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