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10th March 2020

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Maharaja who saved 600+ Poland refugees when many European & Asian countries refused them entry.

When Hitler invaded Poland and started the WW2, 500 Polish Women & 200 chilren were put on a ship to save them from the Germans. The ship, filled with 500 refugee Polish women & 200 children were refused entry to come in by many European and Asian countries.Finally, the ship wandering in the sea and reached India in the then prt of Bombay. The british governor also refused but as the news soon reached the ears of the Maharaja of Jamnagar, "Jam Saheb" Digvijay Singh. he became truly concerned, he allowed the ship to port in his kingdom at a port near Jamnagar.

He not only gave Shelter to 500 Women but also gave their children free education in an Army School!These refugees stayed in Jamnagar for 9 years till WW2 lasted. Later these refugees returned to their own country and one of these refugees later became the Prime Minister of Poland.

In Poland, the name of many roads in the capital of Warsaw are after Maharaja Jam Saheb. There are many schemes in Poland in his name even today. Every year, polish newspaper print articles about him. He is neice of, Ranjitsinhji, who is the same great batsman that Ranji Trophy is named after.

Maharaja who saved 600+ Poland refugees


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Not only do bees have 5 eyes, they also have 2 stomachs.

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The American flag was designed by a high school student.

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NBA player Marcus Morris

Image source: theringer

NBA player Marcus Morris Sub in for His Twin Brother, Markieff after he went down with an ankle injury in Game 1.

In the 2017 NBA playoffs a player named Markieff Morris, who at the time played for the Washington Wizards, hurt his ankle in game one. This was only 11minutes into the game and he didn’t return. The injury looked like he would be out for a couple weeks and no one expected him to play game 2. But, he showed up game 2 and played as if he was never injured, in fact, had his best game statistically of the playoffs to that point.

Here’s where it gets interesting, Markieff Morris has an identical twin brother named Marcus who also plays in the NBA. His brother was playing for the Pistons, who were eliminated from the playoffs already.

The theory is that Marcus played for his brother. Both brothers have the exact same tattoos and don’t have any super apparent different traits.
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Tech company survey

Image source: theverge


Ahead of the election year, The Verge polled Americans about which big tech companies they trust with their personal information — and which ones should be broken up Americans believe that Google, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Netflix, and YouTube have an overall positive effect on society. (They’re more likely to think that Twitter, Slack, Instagram, and Facebook have an overall negative effect.) Microsoft leads big tech companies in the number of Americans who say they trust it, at 75 percent of survey respondents. Amazon is close behind, at 73 percent. Pulling up the rear is Facebook: just 41 percent of Americans say they trust the company to safeguard their personal information.
On a parting note...

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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