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06th August 2019

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Esports will become a billion-dollar industry in 2019

Esports in India is growing rapidly, it's high time we got serious about it.

Esports is a sport, not entertainment. The government needs to recognise esports as a sport. It is land of opportunity: it is going to have 628 mn gamers by 2020. Still it is surrounded by misogyny, harassment and toxicity. [Click to read more!]


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As we continue to evolve, scientists believe that fewer and fewer humans will be born with wisdom teeth, appendixes, or even little toes.

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Nobody "finds" their passion. They practice it.
You don't wake up one morning with your passion presented to you like a gift on Christmas morning.
You practice, and you get better, and you improve over time.
And in that process, you realize how passionate you are about the thing you're doing.
Otherwise, you wouldn't be doing it



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source: Forbes India

How can 'Silicon India' innovate like Silicon Valley?

India's startup scene has flourished and created a ton of jobs, but no Indian cities feature in the top 50 most innovative ecosystems. What's missing? Here are a few reasons. [Click to read!]
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India’s water crisis
India’s water crisis is already here. Climate change will compound it

Droughts and floods have pushed the nation’s leaky, polluted, and half-done water systems to the brink.

The gap between what’s needed and what’s supplied is largely filled by hundreds of thousands of illegal, community-dug borewells around the city—and what’s known as the “water mafia.”

The growing population has placed enormous strains on groundwater both by sucking it up faster than it can be replenished and by polluting the water bodies that recharge it. [Click to read more!]
On a parting note...

“The future depends on what we do in the present” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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