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04th February 2020

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Mathematicians have solved traffic jams, and they’re begging cities to listen

Alexander Krylatov, a mathematics professor at St. Petersburg University would like to solve urban traffic jams forever, so much so that he has coauthored a book of new math approaches to traffic and ways to implement them.(Translation: Engineers, Let Us Handle This.)

a.All drivers need to be on the same navigation system.
b.Parking bans
c.Green lanes
d.Digital twins

Traffic jams and hacks

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Astronauts grow 3% taller during their time in space.

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The longest wedding veil was the same length as 63.5 football fields.

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An artist wheeled 99 smartphones around in a wagon to create fake traffic jams on Google Maps

An artist pulled 99 smartphones around Berlin in a red wagon, tracking how the gadgets affected Google Maps' traffic interface. Wherever the phones went, Google Maps showed a traffic jam, displaying a red line and routing Maps users around the area. Google Maps determines traffic by pinging smartphones that use the app in order to predict the density of cars in a given area.
Founder story


The Mumbai Punishing Signal: Now, feel free to honk, if you don’t mind waiting at traffic signals

Honking has always been a major issue in Mumbai, but so far no strict action has been taken to regulate or reduce unnecessary honking. However, On Friday, the Mumbai Police introduced a new initiative called ‘The Punishing Signal’ in order to reduce constant honking by motorists at traffic signals at different parts of the city.
On a parting note...

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" ~Albert Einstein

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